Woodshop Committee Meeting 20210116

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Time, location

2021-01-16 12:00 Interactive Classroom, Dallas Makerspace


  • Ian Lee
  • John White
  • JJ Perry
  • Patrick O’Lone
  • Doug Emes
  • Kathryn Burns
  • Brian Cook
  • Andy Bojo
  • Randy Lisbona
  • Patrick Clark
  • Andy Palazuelos


  • $12,000 for 2 complete sets of filters for the Felder. Filters should probably be an annual expense / PM. Unanimous
  • $700 for drum sander repair, retroactive. About $550 has been spent on repairing this so far, should probably have been voted on earlier. Unanimous
  • $900 for annual Jointer / Planer blade purchase. Unanimous

Meeting Notes:


  • Doug Emes volunteered to help Ian work on the virtual woodshop 101
  • JJ Perry volunteered to weld up a stand for the panel saw
  • Andy Palazuelos was appointed Vice-chair maintenance
  • Next Meeting Tentatively set for 2/20/21 12:00

Multicam SIG:

  • Multicam SIG re-organized as a team to manage maintenance and education on the tool as follows:
  • 3 Teams: Owners, Maintenance Assistants, Teachers. All positions are 1-year appointments.


  • Set standards of use and education
  • Manage Teachers and Maintenance help
  • Tell Chair when stuff is needed
  • Each individual service machine 1x month (machine then receives maintenance at least weekly)
  • Collectively have final authority on machine use and rules (below board / chair)


  • Future Owners of America
  • Learning Maintenance
  • Help Owners perform maintenance as needed


  • Checkout 3-5 individuals / month (1 class per teacher, leading to 7 classes / month)
  • Must certify that students meet checklist of understanding as set by owners
  • Charge $50 / student to reserve a checkout slot. Non-refundable, split with Woodshop.

2021 Owners:

  • Matt R. @mdredmond
  • Brian @Brian
  • Jennifer M. @jmeinel
  • Edward A. @Nomad

2021 Maintenance:

  • Rich C. @richcase
  • Bob R. @rmramsey2
  • @SWA
  • Kathryn B.

2021 Teachers:

  • Ryan D. @indytruks138
  • Doug C. @dougbcave
  • HB @got_tools
  • Bud F. @budman
  • Mitch C. @themitch22
  • Patrick C. @trapper13
  • Sam V. @Sam_Violett