Woodshop Committee Meeting 20210522

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Time, location

2021-05-22 12:00 Interactive Classroom, Dallas Makerspace


  • Ian Lee
  • Freddy
  • Patrick O’Lone
  • Andy Palazuelos
  • Doug Cave
  • Jimmy Arledge
  • Eve Girsh
  • Bill Swink
  • Dave McSwain
  • Jeff Goodman


  • Retroactive Repair on the Small Festool Domino DF500, $523.64 - Unanimous
  • 4-Packs of Bora Clamps on sale at woodpeckers. Vote to buy 3 Sets of 4, up to $500 including shipping - Unanimous

Meeting Notes:


  • A Basic Annual Woodshop Budget has been put together. If you have ideas of what else should be included share it with Ian: Login with your DMS email to view: https://bit.ly/3eMysvF
  • Rotary Tool (continued from TALK): We don’t have space or budget for this tool right now. May be interesting to have from a “educational” perspective, doesn’t seem to make sense from a use perspective. Maybe ask someone who has one to come in and do a demonstration.
  • Classes: We need project classes! Please share your knowledge, be it boxes, cutting boards, or something else. Members are asking for project classes. If you have an idea and need help getting started, talk to Ian.
  • Woodshop Community Meeting Dates, upcoming:

- Sawmill Tour Sep 18 - Woodshop Potluck June 12