Woodshop Lathe Basics

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Woodshop Lathe 101: Basics will introduce/re-introduce you to the lathe, including shop rules and general expectations, and wood working safe/best practices.

This class includes both lecture/demonstration time and hand-on tool experience. Specifically, the class will focus on turning between centers,using the carbide tipped "easywood" turning tools, safety, and tool sharpening.

This class is the pre-requisite for just about all subsequent lathe classes, including both wood and resin projects. Upon completion, you will be able to use the lathes on your own.

Instructors The following instructors are approved to teach Lathe Basics:

  1. Paul LaChance -talk:prl2018
  2. Steve- aka "Daniel Wynne" -talk:lordrook
  3. Nate Kirkland -talk:nate
  4. John Norine -talk:jnorine
  5. Jeff Courtman -talk:jlcourtman
  6. Chandra
  7. Anthony Young -talk:itzazero
  8. Jimmie Arledge
  9. Jerry Kassebaum - talk:Jerry_Kassebaum
  10. Holly Kolman - talk:Holliday
  11. john a gorman -talk:talkers better to text: 214.799.0299 or email [email protected]