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Woodshop has an extensive set of accessories that can be used to complete projects. Some consumables are also available. Most consumables have a nominal fee.

This accessories list is intended to give an idea of the types of things that you may find in the Woodshop. Accessories change frequently and this list is not a real-time inventory. There is no guarantee that these accessories will be available, in working condition, undamaged, or stored in the proper location.

Pen-making Accessories (Lathe)

We should have the following:

  • Mandrels
  • Mandrel savers
  • Bushings (#416 for Slimline pens)
  • Pen Vise (metal, with wood shim, for holding blanks to drill)
  • Pen Vise - wooden hand clamp with notches
  • Pen Press for pen assembly (with various plastic and wooden spacers. similar to this
  • Barrel Trimmers. These have interchangeable bits for different diameter barrels.
    • Usually one for the 7mm is loaded.
    • There is a box of barrel bits in the box with the other bits.
    • Use these with a handheld drill. The wonderful new drill press over powers it. Generates too heat and breaks the bonds of the CA and wood, or over-trims.
  • Pen Disassembly Punch Set (this will most likely destroy something.)
  • 7mm bits for Slimline pens
  • Consumables: CA Glue, Sand paper, Micromesh abrasives for acrylic, Shellawax, and hard wax will vary.