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AV Studio meeting minutes on 7/21/2014

  • Steve Blanchard present, representing PR
  • Steve:
    • Leave up to AV to bring bumpers, art, etc, to YouTube channel, and decide details like no swearing
    • Wants PR to have veto power on YouTube vids
    • Suggested training on how to film class
    • Suggested "dead zone" in filmed classes for people who don't want to be filmed
    • Suggested to possible have "homework" for classes, (ex, find someone who can use table saw, get 3 min of footage for stock)
  • Project files and finished projects have space on intranet
  • Haley suggested "how to shoot with your phone" workshop
  • James's upcoming teacher has worked for Reel FX. James may ask about him teaching a class.
  • Security needs to be handled:
    • Suggest using lockers w/ rfid
    • Suggest using lockers and having gatekeeper (eg, Haley)
    • Haley has already told Andrew about Arts' need for new shelf - may convert to locker/cage for equipment.
  • Suggest notification on calendar when classes are to be filmed
  • Signage may be required: "this class will be filmed" to deter people from wandering in who haven't signed release.
  • Haley suggests binder with releases - easy to prepare per class

Action items:

  • David to send Steve who what where when how on Youtube class
  • Haley to get locking cabinet for equipment
  • David to modify release form to be write-in project-specific
  • Haley to bring in sign easel; with pocket for releases