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This meeting will be held in Modified SRC3 format.

Time, location

16:00, Dallas Makerspace

Prior minutes


Officer/Committee reports

  • 3d Fabrication Committee - Lisa Selk
  • Amateur Radio Committee - Benjamin Groves
    • Committee Meetings held on 11/15 and 12/4
      • Closer to Roof Antenna install
      • After antenna will be getting a proper desk set up in that office
        • Will confer with Machine Shop Committee
      • Amateur Radio Committee would like to participate in devising a radio telemetry system for the Lemons Racing effort
  • Aerospace Committee - Romeo Espana
  • Automotive Committee - Brandon Green
    • Kicked off lemons 2015 build
      • Lots of interest from people wanting to help
      • Moved car to workshop, trying to stay as much out of the way as possible
      • Working on getting car running after being in storage and will then be able to park it outside
      • Will soon be scheduling more formal classes and todo lists for car to get as much involvment and value from this group project as possible
    • Have brake job class scheduled for this week
    • About to purchase lift as long as there are no strong objections
  • Blacksmith Committee - John Haskins
  • Bio Committee - Andrew Floyd
  • Civic Hacking - Stephen Wylie
    • Met with leaders of the new Maptime Dallas meetup group & bcWorkshop to potentially bring some map hacking & GIS-related classes to DMS
  • Classroom Committee - Gus Reiter
  • Creative Arts Committee - Haley Moore
  • Electronics Robotics Committee - Daniel Jackson
  • Financial Committee - Paul Brown
  • Foundry Committee - John Kuhlenschmidt
    • Set up class for "Introduction to Pottery" on 12-20-2014 with Kendall Scott. And is sch on the calendar.
    • Working on setting up class for a class in "Introduction to glass bead making(Lampwork). Plan on getting this info to the calendar for Jan 17 2015 this week.
    • Working on vent hood for the smaller kiln. Will finish it this week
  • Laser Committee - William Petefish
    • Reminder: You don't have to join the committee to be trained on how to use the laser.
    • Reminder: Don't save your work to the desktop of the computer. It WILL be erased. Save it in the proper folder on the network drive.
    • Reminder: The laser committee does have a list. ([email protected]) USE IT if there is an issue with the laser. Don't try to repair it yourself.
    • Reminder: If YOU break the laser, let the committee know so we can fix it.
    • Reminder: The laser usage amount goes up in January. (to $1/5min)
  • Machine Shop Committee - Bryan Gangwere
  • Operations and Facilities Committee - Andrew LeCody
  • Photography Lab (Darkroom Committee) - Steve Reeves
  • Public Relations Committee - Steve Blanchard
  • Workshop Committee - Alex Rhodes
  • VECTOR Committee - Nic Schell
    • Workshop-facing shelf required for placement of ultrasonic cleaner and other community tools (placed on consent agenda)
    • Space Invaders moved offsite
    • Speed King, Flipper Fair, and Steam Shovel now in active restoration

Consent Agenda

Newly proposed agenda items appear in the consent agenda. Any member present at the meeting may pull an item out of the consent agenda for discussion, at which point it goes under "New Business". If nobody objects to the solutions presented by the consent agenda, everything in the consent agenda passes by consensus. Items that have more than one proposed solution should be moved to the "New Business" section.

Any member may edit this wiki page and place an item on the agenda. However, discussion of agenda items should be done via the forums. The cut-off time for addition to or revision of the consent agenda's items is 48 hours prior to the meeting. Please note, agenda items (Consent, New, or Old) that request spending $250 or more must include a section on "Relevance to our tax exempt purpose".

Set Photography Committee as Inactive (Brooks Scharff)

Problem: The Photography/Darkroom committee has not had a meeting in over three months.

Solution: Per Section 10 of the Rules, a committee that has not met in over 3 months will be considered inactive and all committee funds returned to the General Fund. See HERE

Part/refurbishment tool storage shelf for workshop (Nicholas Schell)

Problem: VECTOR will soon acquire a parts tumbler and is currently storing other part/refurbishment tools such as the ultrasonic cleaner. We would like to make these tools (and future acquisitions) more accessible to all DMS members. A tool shelf adjacent to our entrance wall would allow easy placement and retrieval of these tools for the workshop.

Solution: Authorize purchase of tool shelf approximately 46"W x 61"H with four shelves. Cost not to exceed $100.

Funding for DMS Racing spare KA24DE 'teaching engine' (Brandon Green)

Problem: Current engine in our race car has 211,000 miles and a limited lifetime, it is also not really possible to have classes on engine internals while the engine is still inside a functioning car.

Solution: Allocate $500 to the automative committee to help fund the purchase of a spare KA24DE engine.

Rational: This serves multiple purposes, besides allowing us to have classes on dissassembly / inspection / internals of the engine having a spare will allow us to be better prepared in case something goes bad in current engine. So you can think of having a spare engine as an insurance policy, we are less likely to lose out on our significant investment in the car and project by the significant delay in getting an engine only after the car is no longer running. As a note we have spent 200(seat sliders, vehicle dollies) of previously allocated 500 for this project and the remaining 300 is already earmarked for purchases we will be making in next couple weeks(motor mounts, gas tank access door, gas tank gasket, metal for seat mount bracket, spark plugs, spark plug wires, oil, battery)

Getting Our Old Landlord To Pay For An Electric Bill (Paul Brown)

Problem: I started the contract for our electric service at 1825 Monetary Lane a month before we moved in. It was the landlord's responsibility to pay for electric before we moved in, but I accidentally paid it for them. The electric company said we need to resolve this with the landlord. I've invoiced and tried to contact the management company (RREEF) and VALWOOD 501 C25 INC, but haven't gotten a response.

Solution: Authorize litigation to recoup electrical expenses.

New Business

Lease Parts Washer (Bryan Gangwere)

Problem: With the resumption of automotive related activities, as well as projects in the machine shop, it's becoming necessary to be able to clean and degrease parts and equipment at Dallas Makerspace. There is currently no place to do that. There are relatively inexpensive solutions from vendors ranging from Harbor Freight to Grainger, but they all have the following features in common:

  • They are not effective unless they are solvent based (e.g. Mineral Spirits)
  • They require a lengthy soaking of parts, often overnight
  • They are open to the atmosphere, subjecting those in the vicinity to odors, and creating a mess
  • Solvent/solution must be maintained, and used solvent must be disposed of, by the user

Solution 1: Allocate $350/month for a minimum of 1 year for an environmentally friendly, enclosed, maintained Torrent parts washer. This has the benefits of:

  • Being extremely quick, negating the need for lengthy delays in projects and the resulting clutter and obstacles associated with those delays
  • Being enclosed, negating any odors and containing the solution and dirt/grease within the machine, as well as minimizing the user's exposure to the solution
  • Being maintained by an third party (Torrent)

Solution 2: Allocate up to $312/month for a maintained Crystal Clean model 1678 80 gallon parts washer. This has the benefits of:

  • Being hands off (parts can be placed in the washer with the lid closed while it agitates and therefore cleans the part automatically)
  • Being enclosed, minimizing odors and containing the solution and dirt/grease within the machine, as well as minimizing the user's exposure to the solution (If parts are manually cleaned, as is an option, this does not apply)
  • Being maintained by an third party (Crystal Clean)
  • Possibly having a lower cost (the maintenance can be deferred by us if we don't feel the solvent (naptha) needs replacing, making the cost $156/month)

Relevance to our tax exempt purpose: This parts washer will allow automotive maintenance classes to be held in reasonable time frames, as well as further the ability of members to use DMS to complete projects. It will also help to keep the timeframe on member projects short, allowing more members to tackle their own projects. And it will allow non automotive related projects, such as rebuilding the South Bend lathe, to be completed with a minimum of mess.

Free up valuable workshop and project storage space (Brandon Green)

Problem: Darkroom materials are taking up space in the workshop with no current plans to use them here at DMS and the workshop is getting crowded / cluttered

Solution: Board should request that all darkroom related materials be removed from the workshop within 2 weeks or be moved to the dumpster after that time. This will free up floor space (rotating door on pallet) and a large amount of project storage that other palleted projects could be stored in instead.

Replacement Miter Saw for Wood (Alex Rhodes) (PULLED)

Problem: The miter saw in the Woodshop is being used for cutting metal (non ferrous) and while this is not bad for the saw with the correct blade the metal shavings are ending up in wood projects. The reason people are using this saw is because there is no other saw like it for precision cuts of metal. People also cut plastic in the Wood Shop and it is sometimes found melted on the inside of the table saw. I don't have a solution for the plastic as it shouldn't be cut in the metal area. Does anyone else have a better way to cut plastic? Most of the times it is sized down for the laser.

Solution: (SOLVED) Purchase a new Miter saw for Wood Shop and give the current one to the machine committee and place it in the metalworking room. $600 * we received an older DeWalt miter saw and have placed it in the metal shop area. It has a Non-Ferrous metal cutting blade. No more Metal should be cut in the Wood Shop area. You guys can now revel in the fact that Workshop is not asking for any money this meeting. Thanks again guys.

Relevance to our tax exempt purpose: The Miter Saw is used throughout DMS but other committees are affecting others ability to do quality work.

HackDFW (Austin Wells)

Problem: HackDFW, a student organized hackathon hosted by SMU, UTD, and , UNT is requesting a partnership with the Dallas Makerspace to make use of its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and EIN. Without working under a registered nonprofit the student organizers for HackDFW will be forced to put additional resources and money towards registering themselves as a non profit. Money and resources that could instead be used to help expand the Hacker/Maker community in the DFW area.

Solution: Partner with the HackDFW as a community partner. The Dallas Makerspace will receive the same publicity/branding benefits as a diamond sponsor where appropriate ($20,000 sponsorship tier) and help to build the Hacker/Maker culture in DFW through a 24 hour hackathon.

Formation of Official Bigfoot Research Committee (Noah Glaser)

Problem: Bigfoot remains undiscovered. We need to find them and discover their secrets.

Solution: Dear angry degenerate board members, I would like to formally petition for the creation of bigfoot research committee. Which would be an research institution dedicated to researching the existence of bigfoot and educating the public on it's existence. Please approve this awesome committee, the makerspace and the country desperately need it. :)

Relevance to our tax exempt purpose: As I am sure you are aware "research" is very 501.3ish. This committee believes that there is no 'i' in bigfoot education, it's a team sport. We would be responsible for holding class like "I just saw a bigfoot now what", "Bigfoot mating calls", and "Bigfoot myths".

Approve Recurring Monthly Payment For Quickbooks Online (Paul Brown)

Problem: We currently use the desktop version of Quickbooks, but the online version of Quickbooks will make it easier for interested parties to view and work on the books.

Solution: Approve spending up to $50/month on Quickbooks Online.

Relevance to our tax exempt purpose: Nonprofits must keep correct and complete books and records. Quickbooks Online should make this easier.

Approve Electrical Expenses (Robert Davidson)

Problem: We are out of electrical breakers and we need more power breakers

Solution: Approve allocation of up to $10,000 for electrical upgrades and improvements in the facility

Relevance to our tax exempt purpose: We need power to maintain the operational status of our equipment


Dallas Makerspace Board of Directors Meeting notes : December 14th, 2014

In attendance:
- Benjamin Groves
- Andrew LeCody
- Andrew Falgout
- Pearce Dunlap
- Robert Davidson

Meeting called to order at 4:15pm

*** Prior Minutes ***
Prior minutes pass

*** Officer / Committee Reports ***
Committee News

*** Consent Agenda ***
Nothing passes consent agenda


Lease Washer Parts (Bryan Gangwere)
- Holding on topic till next month
  - Unanimous Agreement by the Board

Free up valuable workshop and project storage space (Brandon Green)
- Item Dropped as a cleaning out process in action
  - Unanimous Agreement by the Board

Replacement Miter Saw for Wood (Alex Rhodes)
- Item Dropped
  - Unanimous Agreement by the Board

HackDFW (Austin Wells)
- Hack DFW will provide additional information to DMS Board of Directors
- Item tabled for emerency Board of Directors meeting for final decision on this topic
  - Unanimous Agreement by the Board

Formation of Official Bigfoot Research Committee (Noah Glaser)
- Item Dropped as committee porposal lacks substance or structure
  - Unanimous Agreement by the Board


Set Photography Committee as Inactive (Brooks Scharff)
- Steven Reeves (committee chair) is aware and okay with changing the Photography Committee to an interest group
- Proposed as written by Andrew LeCody, seconded by Robert Davidson
  - Unanimous Agreement by the Board

Part/refurbishment tool storage shelf for workshop (Nicholas Schell)
- Item Dropped as committee is encouraged to handle this purchase
- Noted that VECTOR committee funds have not been posted as of this date
  - Unanimous Agreement by the Board

Funding for DMS Racing spare KA24DE 'teaching engine' (Brandon Green)
- Storage of engine is primary concern
- Item Dropped as Automotive Committee can afford this item
  - Unanimous Agreement by the Board

Getting Our Old Landlord To Pay For An Electric Bill (Paul Brown)
- Authorize litigation to recoup electrical expenses
- Proposed by Robert Davidson, seconded by Andrew Falgout
  - Unanimous Agreement by the Board

Approve Recurring Monthly Payment For Quickbooks Online (Paul Brown)
- Proposed as written by Benjamin Groves, seconded by Pearce Dunlap
  - Unanimous Agreement by the Board

Approve allocation of up to $10,000 for electrical upgrades and improvements in the facility (Robert Davidson)
- Proposed as written by Robert Davidson, seconded by Andrew LeCody
  - Unanimous Agreement by the Board

Next Board Meeting Scheduled on January 11th at 4:00pm

Meeting adjourned at 6:30pm