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This committee has been marked as inactive.
Please do not edit this page. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information on how committees are organized.

The Current Station


The Amateur Radio Committee's responsibilities are to:

  • Maintain the order, organization, safety, cleanliness, and utility of the amateur radio equipment.
  • Amateur Radio Class - classes and testing for Technician and General licenses(Extra classes in planning)


  • The Dallas Makerspace amateur radio club station
  • Set up and conduct Extra license classes
  • Design and build custom desk with RFID lock for station security
  • Plan and start classes on antenna building and theory
  • Install more coax. leads including extras for user use
  • Upgrade dual band antenna
  • Educate members about Amateur Radio Emergency Service - 2015 Manual {Every licensed amateur, regardless of ARRL membership, is eligible to apply for ARES membership.}
  • Install Buckmaster OCF Dipole on roof
  • Prototype Nametags for Club Members

Committee Finance Report

Visit the Amateur Radio Financial Report to see where we are currently at financially as a committee. This may not be exactly up to date but serves to keep the committee members up to date and help us keep a tab on our finances also allowing for transparency of committee management.

Governance Model

Benevolent dictatorship as per DMS Amateur Radio Forum discussion in July of 2013.

Voting Members

  1. Andrew Franklin (KF5RIA)
  2. Andrew LeCody (K5NRD)
  3. Benjamin Groves (KF5WYZ)
  4. Chuck Poindexter (KE5HGQ)
  5. Craig Gill (KB5TCU)
  6. Daniel Hooper (K1DI)
  7. Daniel Jackson (KD5HME)
  8. David Cawthon (KE5HGP)
  9. Dietrich Whisennand (KI5L)
  10. Doug Emes [(KG5BZY)] - @dougmes on Talk
  11. Pat Hykkonen (NT5PH) (Club Trustee)
  12. Jason Daniels (KF5ZOB)
  13. John Beadles (N5OOM)
  14. Katie Luper (KG5DXE)
  15. Krissy Heishman (KF5WBW)
  16. Michael Pursifull (KG5SEN)
  17. Nick McCarthy (KD5FTN)
  18. Romeo Espana (KG5DQO
  19. Roy Rabey (AD5KZ)
  20. Steve Rainwater (KF5WZC)
  21. Steve Wylie (KF5NQM)
  22. Todd Caldwell (K5SLR)
  23. Walter Anderson (AF5WH)
  24. William Petefish (KF5WDB)
  25. Zach Metzinger (N0ZGO)
  26. Justin Long (K5JTL)
  27. Richard Meyer, PE (AG5OB)
  28. James Blocker (KG5IOR)

Non-Voting and Student Members

  1. Art Givens (KG5BZZ)

Amateur Radio Club Rules

  • Membership of the Dallas Makerspace Amateur Radio Club includes Amateur Radio licensees that are current paid members of the Dallas Makerspace to be voting members. We also have a non voting membership for those who do not want to be voting members and students working to get their license.
  • Use of the radio equipment located at the space requires knowledge of proper operational procedure and safety
  • Members that are not Amateur Radio license holders may operate the station as long as a licensed operator is present
  • All amateur radio operations at the Makerspace will observe all RF and electrical safety procedures at all times
  • All amateur radio operations at the Makerspace will abide by Part 97 of the FCC Rules and Regulations
  • Licensed operators using the club callsign must note their operation in the station logbook
  • The business of the the Dallas Makerspace Amateur Radio Club will be conducted along with regular membership/business meetings of the space

How To Join

  1. Add your name to the "Members" section of this wiki page in the appropriate section with your call sign if you have it in matching format


  • The Dallas Makerspace Amateur Radio Committee uses the Talk Forums and Google Hangouts for communication.

Meeting History

  1. Amateur Radio Committee Meeting - 08.12.15
  2. Amateur Radio Committee Meeting - 06.07.15
  3. Amateur Radio Committee Meeting - 05.17.15
  4. Amateur Radio Committee Meeting - 04.12.15
  5. Amateur Radio Committee Meeting - 07.15.14
  6. Amateur Radio Committee Meeting - 03.09.14

Completed Projects

  • Set up Amateur Radio Station-Whiz(KI5L) who did most of the work with help from Justin Edwards
Amateur Radio Station.jpg
Antenna Clsoe up.jpg
Antenna Wide.jpg
Amateur Radio Station2.jpg

Inactive or Decommissioned Projects

  • DSMART - A digital communications protocol being developed by committee members
  • Set up sub-committee for emergency services and skywarn type activities-Meteorology split to science and skywarn and ES to stay under primary committee