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Hello, I am Walter and I am addicted to making things!

Walter Anderson

Middle aged male with a life-long interest in making things. My personal interests include; amateur radio, electronics, entropy, history, mathematics, metal working, painting, photography, programming, science, science fiction, and wood working.

I worked as a Transportation planner with an emphasis on modelling and analysis. I have had a couple of members ask me what that is, so I dredged up this photo I created a while back for a proposal cover that I think sums up my industry...

The Transportation Planning Industry


Joined in March 2015
Statement of intent to run for election to the DMS board of directors

This is the content of the private message I sent for which I received a permanent ban/block

Done with your bitching - Dallas Makerspace Talk.png

and this is the threat I responded to, for which the board choose to hand down a 'warning'


Classes I Teach (or have taught)

Thingiverse 3D models

Ongoing Projects


ExistingChangeGearsForBantum.jpg NewChangeGearAndInvoluteCutter.jpg Gear42T.png

  • A RPM meter for the Colchester Bantum Lathe


  • An 80-20M two tube CW transmitter

TwoTubeRadioTransmitter.jpg TwoTubeRadioTransmitterClose.jpg

  • A 320V DC, 105VDC (regulated), (150VDC regulated) power supply for vacuum tube experiments
  • Coil winding machine
  • Pen plotter
  • Raspberry PI/Baofeng F8+ Packet radio station
  • Microcontroller based morse code training device


  • Walking beam electric motor

Completed Projects

  • Larger Inkle Loom for personal use

IMG 1465.JPG IMG 1467.JPG

  • Slightly modified Inkle Loom For Emma

EmmaLoom2.jpg EmmaLoom4.jpg

  • Prototype Inkle Looms for Creative Arts

CreativeArtsPrototypeLooms.jpg CreativeArtsPrototypeLooms2.jpg
Talk Forum Thread which spawned this project

  • A larger (3-4" longer) dulcimer stick tuned to DAd'


  • Instrument Maker clamps

Instrumnetclamps1.jpg Instrumnetclamps2.jpg

  • Dulcimer Music Stick (aka Strumstick, pickin stick)

Dulcimerstick01.jpg Dulcimerstick04.jpg

  • Cigar Box guitar


  • Forest Mims Stepped Tone Generator (Atari Punk Console


  • Modify 5C Spin Indexer to allow direct indexing for gear cutting (Completed 13 June 2015)

SpinIndexerBaseModifications.jpg ClampingDisk.jpg PartiallyAssembledSpinIndexer.jpg WEA-SpinIndexerModification-final1.jpg WEA-SpinIndexerModification-final2.jpg

  • 3/4" Turner's cube


  • Jump Ring Maker

Somewhere around my tool collection I own a manually turned jump ring maker that I was planning to donate to the new jewelry interest group; however, I could not find it. While looking for it, my old dividing head that I built for my Taig Lathe (no longer own) popped up. I have kept meaning to take the worm and worm gear off of this and just toss the rest, but as I started to do that I realized this would make a fantastic jump ring maker. The dividing head had a 30:1 gear ratio, so if you drive it with a cordless drill, you get a nice slow constant rotation. You can control the feeding of the wire with one hand while pressing the drill trigger with the other. It has plenty of torque so it should be able to handle reasonable sized wire, and it is slow enough that even small wires should be easy to control. The only modifications were to remove the brake bolt, the dividing plate, the index arms and to create a new worm spindle that could be driven with a cordless drill. All that took about 20 minutes (my favorite kind of project).
NewJumpRingMaker.jpg Movie of the trial run of the Jump Ring Maker

  • Dividing Head for the Taig lathe - This was one of the very first (and first complicated) machining projects I ever did. I used it to cut gears for a small machine I was building on a taig lathe

Current status.jpg Dividing head box open.jpg

Dice mode from LEDMatrixDice.png


  • Protective cover for lathe ways when changing chucks



  • A floral watercolor

2012 11 25 8224-web.jpg

  • Plein Aire winter scene in Plano (oil)

2013 01 28 8296-web.jpg

  • Plein Aire watercolor, Fajada Butte, NM


  • Plein Aire in oil. El Capitan, TX


  • Starry Night Reproduction in Acrylic



  • Self portrait

2009 05 08 2606-web.jpg

  • Photo concept, How (young) men view relationships


  • Model shoot that captured the spirit of Dagney Taggart

2008 07 13 0662 web-bw.jpg

  • Commentary of our political process

2009 11 22 3689-4x4.jpg

  • Radioactive materials

2008 08 19 1319 web.jpg

  • The Texas Solution

2008 08 21 1344 9x12.jpg