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Steve Rainwater

I'm interested in all kinds of stuff as you can see from my interests section below. Rather than try to write a comprehensive bio here, how about if I just link to all my genre-specific bios and profiles on other sites?

Contact Info

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Photography, vintage cameras, electronics, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, robots, arc welding, MIG welding, metal arts, kinetic art, music, space colonization, urban design, early utopian and communist communities, solar power, wind power, alternative energy, R. Buckminster Fuller, sustainable technology, social entrepreneurialism, science fiction, pulp magazine art, FLOSS (free [libre] / open source software), art cars, bioreactors, microfinance, and lots more stuff I can't think of at the moment.

My Projects

Active Projects

Old Projects

ToDo List

I don't frequent DMS anymore and it looks like someone has removed the Twitter, Youtube, and Flickr plugins from Mediawiki, breaking most of the pages I created here about my DMS projects. Not surprisingly, I no longer have admin access here anymore, so there's nothing I can do to fix the wiki. Over time I plan to remove my pages here and move the content to my own website where I can restore the photos and video.

I also need to write up a more complete history of DMS starting with the work Ed and I did and progressing to the DPRG's makerspace committee work. The DPRG preserved my original Makerspace article here [1] and later edited together some of my email responses to questions about DMS history here [2]

Old stuff

Quotes about DMS in year one