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Our goals are to discuss cryptography, crypto currency, pki, and educate individuals on their applications, usage, laws, and how to begin. While running labs and hackathons to play with and push the technologies.


If one really want to make it truly official then; post a thoughtful article on the wiki about a related subject. Tag it with Category:Crypto SIG and Category:VCC then teach a class on it.

That’s all it take to join, contribute an article, teach a class, and learn a few things about the subjects with everyone then your in.


 - Steve Blanchard (Alumni)
 - Dwight Spencer (Organizer and Current)
 - John Kraemer (Alumni)
 - Stan Simmons (Fellow)
 - M. Blatz (Alumni)
 - Corbin perkins (Instructor and Fellow) 

Origins from talk:



 - Maker.coin
 - DApps on the Community Grid Blockchain


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