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This committee has been marked as inactive.
Please do not edit this page. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information on how committees are organized.


Our goal is to help you learn about and create projects with computers. Do you want to learn how to code? Do you already have a working understanding of software and hardware, but you want to expand into new platforms? Do you want to help someone discover that they love creating projects with computers by teaching classes? The Computer Committee wants to help you.


Computer Lab (Led by Infrastructure + The Board)

Raffi proposed that the committee move into the Orange Classroom in collaboration with the Education Coordinator and the Digital Media Chair. That plan merged with a plan for a computer lab. The plan is subject to change. The current plan is to have standardized desktop hardware and software and a space for securely storing physical resources specific to our committee. See this Talk post for a preview of the hardware that will be used in the lab.

Dallas Coder Night (Led by Raffi)

Dallas Coder Night is a meetup, virtual until we reopen our doors, where 0-2 talks are given on software development topics, e.g. “How to make a basic website with React”, “The story of how I fixed this nasty bug”, “Why MVC is terrible” followed by some time for socializing, working on projects, and/or chatting among developers (not necessarily about development). The chatting afterward part doesn't work well in a video conference, but it will work in person.


Every Tuesday 7-11pm

Next Meeting

Join the Discord for the next meeting's topic and how to join.

Past Topics

iOS Q & Demos | Raffi

Make Google Assistant Experiences | James Henningson

How to make Pong for iOS | Raffi


To build community. The goal is to support a community of developers, and eventually inspire people proficient in some area of software development to teach classes. The hope is for students from classes will join the meetup and developers from the meetup will be inspired to teach more classes.


Past Classes


Interactive Computer Museum Policies

  • Please do not move any equipment in the Interactive Computer Museum (the glass shelves).
  • Due of the equipment expense and rarity of items, any negligence may lead to temporary suspension.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of the Computer Committee?

To become a member, add your name to the "Members" section of this wiki page and announce yourself on Talk.

How do I contact the Computer Committee?

Talk is DMS' and our official forum.

There is an unofficial Discord server that has a channel called computer-committee for informal discussion. You can join the Discord server here: Discord

For questions that require the chair or vice-chair to respond in an official capacity, please email [email protected].

Committee Meetings

Regular Computer Committee meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every month.







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