Computer Committee Meeting 20180425

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Time, location

2018/04/25(21:00), Via Discord and common room near the museum

Meeting was scheduled for April 25, 2018 9pm to 10pm

Calendar Event


In attendance: (5 attendees)


  • CTF Planning
  - Core track
  - Need planning workgroup for event and flags
  - Unanimous vote to continue posting to talk
  - Creation of living document updated by several committee members
  - Group talk discussion on flags
  - set up aws vm subscription with infrastructure for public
  • Nation of Makers Presentation ( table )
  • Code Challenge Criteria
  - Posted to talk
  - Monthly challenge with reward
  - colab with committee
  - Lead towards hack-a-thon
  • Committee Storage actionables / drafting proposal for the Board. ( table )
  • Reach out to pearson vue to discover details about exams without committing to any agreements
  • Class scheduling ( table )
    • Networking labs
    • pc builds / A+ Cert
    • docker && community grid classes
  • Online only meetings discussion
 - not going to be an thing ever
  • Changing over from Vintage to VCC on talk and other places
 - wait for sdc 
 - discuss new name
  • A clear concise description of the VCC committee
 - ready before BoD meeting
  • Open Discussion