Input Device Interest Group

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Input Device Interest Group

Mission: There are several members that have expressed interest in mechanical keyboards and modding input devices. I am creating this group to have meetups for members to show off their keyboards of choice and possibly expand to other input devices and controllers.

  • Possible scope of the interest group:
  • Mechanical Keyboards (or rubber dome keyboards)
  • Mouse and Trackballs
  • Joysticks - Also including Flight simulators, pedals and accessories.
  • Racing simulators and cockpits - possibly exploring DIY motion feedback systems.
  • Fight sticks and arcade controllers - Possibly DIY Raspberry Pi MAME cabinets.
  • Motion controllers like the Razer Hydra and Stem modules.

We can also explore hacking keyboards such as swapping Cherry MX switches, working with microcontroller and USB HID such as Teensy 2.0 and Adafruit Bluefruit.

I would like to propose meetings once a month and talk about different ideas for projects and your own personal projects.

We could possibly expand into a physical computing group and explore Input/Output interaction with software, such as Max/MSP, VJ setups, DJ controllers