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VCC is building a cluster just for BOINC, Tensorflow, and Docker Swarm for members to do computation using data flow graphs for scalable machine learning and running nearly any linux application inside a container.

Members will be able to commit jobs via a git push though our internal Gitlab server and the grid will assign this out based on compute availability. In honor of Bell Labs and Cornell University, we will be implementing a non-intrusive Time-sharing system to help ensure all members jobs get equal time on the cluster.

If your not already signed up for the community grid, be sure to visit the signup page at so you to can get access to the latest in Machine Learn, Serverless computing, SCADA, and IoT technology.

Still want to support the community grid but don’t want to signup then donate an honorarium to VCC. Your donation goes a long way to improving the Community Grid and other projects we’re working hard to bring to the DFW area.

If your education center, collage, or code camp wishes to join the community grid. Contact the VCC chairperson to discuss the opportunity.

Acceptable Use

 Use of the community grid is a privilege not a right. Members in good standing must sign up for access and take the Introduction course before granted access to the grid. Non members still have to take the introduction course but must be a donation member to the Dallas Makerspace. Members (both donating and general membership) that have passed the introduction course will be granted access to the community grid and will be able to deploy lab projects in the following technologies/fields of study:
 - Machine Learning
 - IoT
 - Data Science
 - Serverless computing
 - Code testing and development of Progressive Web Apps
 - Dapps
 Non acceptable use of the community grid included but not limited to;
   - IRC Bots, botnets of any kind, etc..
   - Crypto mining
   - e-mail spamming
   - port flooding/DDoS
   - unauthorized port scanning
   - unauthorized encryption cracking,
   - unauthorized storing and distribution of copyrighted data
   - unauthorized connections to remote hosts are not allowed
   - Hosting of non Dallas Makerspace related websites
   - VPN, Proxies, Bouncers, or anything that bi passes acceptable security

Your cooperation and care in the use of all aspects of the is greatly appreciated.

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