Computer Committee Meeting 20190515

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Chair nomination

 Unanimous -  For Dwight S. No Other contestant.

Expansion location

Take 104 lobby but if something opens up better then we'll take that. Cavate (spelling?) committee to work on a project to secure items on display and tools in the area.

Events and fun

  - Texas Linux Fest May 31st - June 1st (Irving convention center)
  - Lets play (Aug 9-11)
     - Booth $175
     - General Avaliblity
     - 50/50 2x2 classes with SDC and VCC
     - Chat with vector about attendance
  - QuakeCon
  - Defcon
     - approach the board about a single booth for presence


  - Meetup Pilot Program (vcc and dms promotion)
    - Jo (lead)
    - Peter (support) 
  - Phone phreaking with payphone
  - Mame Terminal and Racky McRack


  - Work on core classes and promotional material about them
  - Jo is A+ cert and can teach CompTIA A+ prep
  - Material
    - Comptia prep
    - Intro to Web Dev (js, html5, css, etc.) via freecodecamp
    - Python and ML Classes (coding dojo)
    - MLH hackathons
    - CTF
    - Locksport
    - Docker
    - DevOps
  - Further discussion online (talk/chat)
  - history of computers and general intro to computers for people that don't like computers (@jo)
  - Microcontrollers


  - Core mission message
  - Build a connection with Retro computer meetup (david f.)


  - Expansion To be a clean slate
  - Next machine: Document first before on display
    - Dwight to lead documentation of 'racky mcrack' and mime cab terminal
    - Dwight to document docker cluster
    - Should have demo and instructions for the machine

Open floor

  - David volunteers as program directory for radio and youtube
  - 8-bit guy collab

Meeting notes


  - Ben
  - Capt
  - Bill
  - Dwight
  - Helen (mojop)
  - Peter
  - Mike_Fredick

Start: 7pm

End: 8:30pm

Action Items

  - Get attendees access to kanboard
  - Update kanboard with user stories based on above
  - Team to plan PR events online
  - Team to document events, projects, and classes
  - Jo to lead test pilot for meetup