Computer Committee Meeting 20181003

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Time, location

YYYYMMDD (HH:MM), Dallas Makerspace

Meeting adjourned at approximately HH:MM


In attendance: (## attendees)

Meeting started ##:##PM

Prior Minutes

 - Prior minutes passed

Financial Statement

Interactive Computer Museum report

STEM Pilot Program report

SIG Report

Consent Agenda

_All items discussed as new business_

   - new Vice chair voting

John Thummel (@Narkane): RUNNING

bring any questions to me via meeting or if you cant make it Talk, text, or call.

phone: 832 638 7800

email [WARNING: I do not regularly monitor unless instructed to do so]: [email protected]


Proposed classes/meetings
Proposed Special Interest Groups

As part of the upcoming lab build out should VCC acquire a RapidSpar -