Computer Committee Meeting 20180112

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This was the January 2018 monthly meeting for the Software Development Committee.

Date, time, location

20180525 Friday 19:00 Dallas Makerspace

Meeting minutes

19:01 meeting called to order

Coul C. proposed the dissolution of the committee Dwight S. countered with his nomination Robin B. Seconded the motion Corey Requested that there at least be a second on the grounds that there should be a form of democratic choice. Robin B. Nominated Corey whom accepted.


  - Corey, Three
  - Dwight S. Four in attendance + Four Proxy Votes

Next Software Development Committee Meeting

20180622 June 19:00 Lecture Hall

Ending Agenda Items

 - Update the board, talk, and wiki with the new change in leadership
 - Committee will create three proposals for physical and virtual space usage
 - Committee will develop a core curriculum to be taught on a monthly basis