Computer Committee Meeting 20170717

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In attendance: (5 attendees)

Meeting started 18:00


Prior Minutes

 - Prior minutes passed

Financial Statement

 - Budget is still at $120 in committee savings with the upcoming museum roll over we are needing to generate another $500 to purchase equipment and print media.

Interactive Computer Museum report

STEM Pilot Program report

SIG Report

  Since the keyboard and interface design SIG has been rather silent for more than 180 days we are now considering it defunct.

Consent Agenda

All items discussed as new business

Agenda (posted by chairman at meeting)

 Proposed classes/meetings


Reach out projects:

  - Rebuild a machine once or twice a week
  - Pizza night
  - Lan party night


   Motion:  "Make Vintage Computer Committee (1) a Benevolent dictatorship, or (2) run by consensus"
   After discussion, vote taken by show of hands with unanimous vote in favor of Vintage Computer Committee run as Benevolent dictatorship

Meeting adjourned at approximately 18:54