Computer Committee Meeting 20171120

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Computer Committee Meeting 20171120, 17:00

Time, location

2017/11/20 (17:00), Dallas Makerspace

Meeting adjourned at approximately HH:MM


Dallas Makerspace Computer Committee Meeting notes ; November 20th, 2017

In attendance: (x attendees)

Meeting started HH:MMPM

Prior Minutes

 2017/10/27 Minutes

Financial Statement

  • Current budget available is $x
  • Accounts receivable is expected to get another $200 in from November's Events
  • Expenses are at $0 for the quarter

Interactive Computer Museum report

  • Secured storage efforts to be clean out has been completed
  • Strong shelving installed to hold equipment and storage
  • Digitization of manuals and software titles is carried over and still needs to be completed in the next two quarters this leads to a committee project and volunteer opportunities.
  • An upcoming fundraiser auction will be posted to purge out unneeded inventory, namely old referrals, prior digitized books, and repeat items

STEM Pilot Program report

  • Extra day time classes has been posted and going forward further one off monthly classes will be expanded out into basic software courses (ie how to use wordpress, intro to linux, and simple howto courses on software used at the space)
  • UT Dallas lectures scheduled for after the holidays and students from UTD are beginning to attend regular events of VCC

SIG Report

  • Reports from the IoT SIG
  • Reports from the Crypto SIG
  • Reports from the Development SIG

Consent Agenda

  • VCC Renaming to SP/IT
  • DMSVintageComputer Patreon backlogged


Proposed classes/meetings

Proposed Special Interest Groups

 * Interactive Museum SIG
    - Mandate:
       1. Curate and maintain the interactive museum commonly associated "as" vintage computer committee.
       2. Provide educational events around computer engineering with a theme of "vintage computers"
       3. Further promote the committee's STEM pilot program with a focus on Software Engineering


Reach out projects

  • Holiday events have been created such as the Minecraft contest in December
  • Internal Project Management group has been created that helps focus the volunteer development efforts to provide support to the committee's and board's adjectives in software. Structure follows a monthly scrum sprint with Infrastructure chair having final approval and SP/IT's representative acting as scrum master.


  • Committees need to have classes and at present only the chair and a few volunteers have provided classes. We are needing to acquire a regular set of instructors to teach lectures and oversee exams. Methods to acquire and build this resources should be discussed and acted upon.

Concerns brought up by the membership and committee

  • PR Events and improvements are drastically needed
  • Volunteer opts need to be promoted further
  • Patreon should be put on the back burner until both the board and committee can work out a way to integrate it through DMS itself.