Computer Committee Meeting 20200226

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Calendar Info

Scheduled Time

19:00 - 20:00


North Lobby Classroom

Prior Minutes

Computer Committee Meeting 20200129


Consent Agenda

Title: Approve prior minutes.

Author: Rafael Rincon (@raffi on Talk)

Summary: Approve the minutes for the most recent meeting.

Non-Consent Agenda

Title: Updates On Committee Area Plans

Author: Rafael Rincon (@raffi on Talk)

Summary: Plans have been made with the board to create a computer lab with standardized desktop computers for shared usage and a storage area for stuff that is specific to our committee. Raffi will speak briefly about these plans.


Ben Bangerter @chimpera

Hunter Maxwell @googolaire

Rafael Rincon @raffi


Meeting starts at 1908 February 26 2020.

Consent Agenda Item: Approve prior minutes

Raffi motions to approve. Ben seconds. Passes Unanimously.

Non-Consent Agenda Item: Updates On Committee Area Plans

Action Item: Raffi to find out what the plans are for graphics card in the Pillar of Solitude and post on Talk if finalized, otherwise email Ben.

Raffi motions to adjourn. Ben Seconds. Passes unanimously.

Meeting ends at 1920 February 26, 2020.