Computer Committee Meeting 20180509

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Computer Committee Meeting 20180509, 20:00

Time, location

20180509 (20:00), Via Discord and common room near the museum

Meeting adjourned at approximately HH:MM

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In attendance: (4 attendees)

Meeting started 20:09PM

Prior Minutes


Financial Statement

SIG Report

Civic Hacking

Interactive Computer Museum

- Museum Needs clean up and donations from Dwight S. needs volunteers to help inventory items and move to DMS owned storage.

- Inventory sheet has been created for better dynamic tracking. This is stored on Google Sheets.

STEM Pilot Program report

- Interest has been expressed by the membership for Network+, LTM, and mikrotik classes. Several have pre signed up for Docker, AWS, and Security+ training.

- A teach the teacher class is due this month.

- The community grid now has auto scaling features and two new nodes added into the cluster.


  • SIG Goals for Q3 2018.
    • Due by next committee meeting
  • Acquiring DMS Storage for the committee
    • submit budget for storage with board.

* Committee Project clean up mm and calendar

  • Member profiles on wiki or talk
    • need insentives for users to do it.