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The Tabletop Gaming Special Interest Group is a group of DMS members who are interested in tabletop gaming, specifically:

  • Board Games
  • RPG Games/Gaming
  • Tabletop Battle games (Warhammer 40K, Warmachine/Hordes, et al)
  • Trading Card Games
  • Makery aspects of these interests like making terrain, gaming aids, and storage solutions

Next Meeting - Sept 17th, 2019

This SIG is under the umbrella of the Education Committee, which helps to enable the SIG's activities.

It is currently headed by Joe Mattes (@RoboDude919 on Talk).


  • TBD
  • Terrain Building Classes
  • How to make board game mods to enhance gameplay
  • Board game storage solutions

Communication Channels


(These are people who expressed an interest in the Kickoff Meeting and/or the thread on Talk)

  1. Joe Mattes (@RoboDude919) - Acting Lead
  2. Jorge Soto (@webdevel)
  3. Mellissa Rhodes (@MellissaRhodes)
  4. Alex Rhodes (@AlexRhodes)
  5. Stephenie Webb (@heyheymama)
  6. Nicole LeCody (@GeekGoddess)
  7. Mike Churchill (@HankCowdog)
  8. Mark Reynolds (@mreynolds)
  9. Doug Emes (@dougemes)
  10. Draco (@draco)
  11. Kat Lovett (@katlovett)

How To Join=

Come to our next meeting, introduce yourself to the group and then add your name, in alphabetical order, to the "Members" section of this wiki page.

Reference Material

[Google Dice Roller] - need to roll some dice while online - Google can help

[Board Game Geek] - Game reviews, Q&A, Meet the Designers, User Add-ons, and more

[Thingiverse] - Source for 3D printed gaming pieces, Board Game enhancements, Storage solutions, etc.

Reference Sites

Meeting History

Meeting 8/20/19

Meeting 9/17/19

Meeting 10/15/19

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