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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.

interactive classroom
interactive classroom


Education is one of the primary directives of the Dallas MakerSpace. Our committee is to assist and further this goal.
The Education committee consists of 3 primary divisions:

  1. Classroom facilities. Making sure there are monitors, projectors, cables, power strips, video adaptors, sound, white boards... Everything to promote a learning environment and support the teachers.
  2. Calendar Software. It is more than scheduling classes, events, and rooms. Open-source, developed for the MakerSpace. Managing requirements and development is part of this too.
  3. Teacher Development. Helping teachers begin at the MakerSpace, and helping them become better teachers.


Talk (primary method of contacting the committee is to use/tag @Team_Education)
Discord (permanent link to #education channel on the Dallas Makerspace discord server)


Position Name Talk Handle Sub Committee
Chairperson John Gorman (@talkers)
Vice-Chair Nancee Heim (@designcat) Teacher Development
Vice-Chair Bill Gee (@Bill) Classroom Facilities / Calendar Software
Vice-Chair Cairenn Day (@Cairenn_Day)

(Committee Election on Calendar)[1]


First Name Last Name Talk Handle
Doug Emes (@dougemes)
Jen Emes (@bookpixie)
Anne Gullett (@AnneGullett)
Kris Anderson (@kriskat30)
Brady Pamplin (@bpamplin)
Neil Lemons (@Neil_Lemons)
Mell Rhodes (@MellissaRhodes)
Jo Paden (@mojop)
Mike Fedyk (@Mike_Fedyk)
Peter Alexander (@peteralexander)
Anita Willis (@meanbaby)
Max Kirkland (@maxk68)
Steve Wynne (@lordrook)
Nathan Kirkland (@Nate)
John Norine (@jnorine)
Richard Martin (@dataguy)
Dick Stacey

Footnote for Members[2]

How To Join

Any of the following methods will work

  1. Add your name to this section, and the committee leadership will update the wiki listing above
  2. Attend a committee meeting and ask
  3. Contact the Chair/Vice-Chairs via talk PM
  4. Volunteer

Education Wiki Links

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