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The Training Development SIG is a collection of instructional designers (IDs), trainers, and teaching professionals who are interested in helping the DMS community create effective training. In Talk, our name is @Team_TrainDev.

Current Projects

ROAST Training Online Courses

Required Operation and Safety Training (ROAST) courses are basic training courses for all new users on specific tools and equipment at DMS. Training requirements are determined in the Tool Classification Matrix (also called the Tool Matrix). ROAST courses contain information on safety requirements, basic operations, and clean-up and maintenance tasks.

I have simplified the process of converting instructor-led ROAST Training classes to online courses. This will help relieve the bottleneck of new members wanting to use tools where the instructor-led classes are full and difficult to get into.

  • All levels of required ROAST Training Classes can now be developed in the ROAST Training Template (PowerPoint), which is available in the TrainDev Committee drive.
  • After the course is reviewed, it will be published in Moodle.

To convert a class into a Moodle online course, it requires a subject matter expert (SME) to: 1. Complete a first draft of the course on paper. The process begins with you!!! 2. Optional: Put the content into the ROAST Training Template, or ask the reviewer to do it. 3. Notify @Team_TrainDev, or @designcat, that the course is in process and needs review. 4. Meet with the reviewer and work with them to complete the course. This may take a little time, but will be worth it.


Want to help? We need subject matter experts (SMEs) who are experienced DMS users to help us create ROAST training content. Even if you're not a writer, don't worry--your knowledge is needed.

To start developing your ROAST Training online course: 1. Start by drafting what new users need to know. 2. Use the ROAST Training Template (in PowerPoint) and follow the structure. 3. Include safety and basic operations information. 4. Email designcat (in Talk) to meet and discuss your content, or ask any questions.

Now Available: Generic PowerPoint Training Template for Any Class

Now available!! I have created a generic PowerPoint template you can use for any class. It's called the Generic Training Template, and it's available in the Commmittee drive, in the TrainDev folder. The first section outline a basic way to start any class--introductory questions, learning objectives, etc. After that, the template slides are open to whatever you want to develop; however, it offers the same cover and title slides offered in the ROAST template (same look and feel). Go forth and teach!


  • Nancee Heim @designcat
  • Alex Rhodes @AlexRhodes
  • Andrew Spencer @jast
  • Ashley Steele @Teacherofsteele
  • Bill Gee @Bill
  • Bill Rumbaugh @oldpro
  • Chris Marlow @John_Marlow
  • David Kessinger @Photomancer
  • George Nassar @slinkygyn
  • John Gorman @talkers
  • Kris Anderson @KrisKat30
  • Lisa Selk @LisaSelk
  • Nicole Franczvai @uglyknees
  • Tommy Thomas @tomthm

Helpful Links

To help pull together the existing information out there, I thought I'd toss a link to the "Course Curriculum" category, because it contains several pre-existing wiki efforts at training development, or, at least, slidedecks.

Past Presentations

DMS Basic Training Development Process, presented 4-22-2017

Training Development: How to Teach Adults at DMS, presented 8-26-2017

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