Digital Media Committee Meeting 20150913

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Digital Media Committee Meeting 9/13/2015

Natasha Cooks is stepping down as Digital Media chair. Jay Johnson will be committee chair of Digital Media pending board approval.

Open house

  • DM verbally engaged attendees, showed room, showed some projects
  • Sony RX10 camera was not used, but displayed.

Moving forward

  • First impression is important with new iteration of committee
  • Short term goals:
    • Get initial courses on calendar
    • Get some introductory media

Existing footage

  • Adrian shot tour video footage, located in the "adriancooks". Directory.
  • Darryl was getting footage during open house


  • New 'Workhorse' machine immediate priority
  • Alex bought high speed SD card for video. Card is in Sony RX10 camera now.
  • Camera with firmware update can do higher speed video.
  • No deep freeze desired on pc at this time
  • Do we have server available currently for network rendering?
    • Chuck to call Robert to see if we can have servers for this
    • Jay would like 5 servers for rendering.
  • Chuck says Sony RX10 is not allowed to leave space under current rules
  • Lights needed. Only lighting is currently 2 softboxes on loan from Ken Purcell.


  • Idea kicked around of overtaking conference room as control room. This would be a big request. No action at this time.
  • Lighting for DM studio room:
    • Chuck can handle moving drop ceiling lights, adding switch, etc
    • Tom suggests florescent lighting diffusion from Costco to soften for editing purposes
  • Chuck recommends getting small core of people together to cover events/make videos for the makerspace
  • Should we reach out to PR?
    • YouTube is a marketing/PR opportunity
  • Should we have YouTube manager?
  • Jay suggests having other committees film their events and we provide editing services
    • Man power (volunteer) required for editing event vids


  • Jay wants to put teaching priority on editing
  • Mitch suggests filming existing DMS classes
  • Class suggestions:
    • How to contribute to YouTube class
    • How to shoot video with your dslr
    • How to use camera class - Mitch has experience


  • Need more time to smooth out this transition
  • Jay to work on transferring Google hangouts information for continuing meetings
  • Hope to have our own presence under instead of wiki