Digital Media Committee Meeting 20191129

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Time, location

2019-11-29 19:00, Digital Media Room


2019-11-29 [Digital Media] MEETING MINUTES

- Kevin Patel
- Luke Andraski

19:00 Call to order

Agenda Item 1: Approve last minutes
  - For: Unanimous

Agenda Item 2: Ask BOD for equipment to hookup AVID Servers
  - For: Unanimous

Agenda Item 3: Throw away broken old laser computer & broken fake gopro
  - For: Unanimous

Agenda Item 4: Get batteries
  - For: Unanimous

Agenda Item 5: Create leased workstation monthly quote for an equipment stipend
  - For: Unanimous

Agenda Item 6: Ask BOD for $1k seed budget
  - For: Unanimous



2019-11-29 [Digital Media] MEETING NOTES

Agenda Item 2 Notes
3 x AVID ISIS 5500 Servers have been donated
These are worth around $200k new
Used currently about $30k on ebay
Need a network switch and network cables that can handle them
Infrastructure can't currently handle them

Agenda Item 4 Notes
Need 3 x Sony Batteries
3 x Chinese GoPro batteries have blown up, throwing away 3 remanding chargers and batteries for safety.
Need OEM batteries and chargers or cameras

Agenda Item 5 Notes
Dell Precision 3630 lease $152/month
9900k, 64GB, 2TB m2, RTX4000

Action Items

Table for tracking actions from the Actionable or Discussion Agenda, to be maintained as actions are completed

Status Item Description Responsible Party
[ In Progress ] Product Photography Booth Kevin Patel
[ In Progress ] Software License Kevin Patel
[ In Progress ] Audio Booth Expansion/BOD
[ In Progress ] $65k Workstations - Computers, GPUs, Monitors, Stands, UIDs, Headphones, Cables Kevin Patel
[ In Progress ] $35k Furniture, Desks, Chairs, Organization Kevin Patel
[ In Progress ] $5k - Decor, LED Lighting & Paint Kevin Patel
[ In Progress ] $500 Backdrops Holder Kevin Patel
[ In Progress ] $3k VR budget Kevin Patel
[ In Progress ] Get Batteries Kevin Patel
[ In Progress ] Light Painting Equipment Kevin Patel