Digital Media Committee Meeting 20201219

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Calendar Event

20201219 Digital Media Committee Meeting


In Person:

First Name Last Name Talk Handle
Clyde Jackson
George Kellas (@GeorgeKellas)
JJ Perry (@apparently_weird)


Time	Note
12:00 - Meeting Start
12:05 - Elections
12:10 - Discussion of projects/classes
12:20 - Close meeting

Vote Actions

1)Elect JJ Perry to chair position, to be confirmed by Board of Directors.

Vote Count

Vote Tally: Abstain: 0 For: 3 Against: 0


Unknown defecit

Suggested Classes

Class Area Tools
Green Screen Basics Photo Photoshop
GoPro 101 Video Various
Video Project Video Various

Action Items

  • Collaborate with Woodshop to shoot CNC Router Class
  • Setup VR Equipment

Next Meeting

Second Saturday at Noon

Jan 9th @ 12pm