GlassWorks 20202208

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Glassworks Meeting Notes

Saturday 8/22/20 at 4 pm

Attending 6

James and Anette Henningson
Johnny Blue Jacket
Beth Appleton
Anita Willis
M. Blatz

1. Covid 10 class restrictions.
2. We have a new microwave to help with keeping student 6 ft apart so more classes can go up
3. Some classes will have to wait until Covid 19 backs off to keep teachers and students safe.
4. For safety reason a unanimous vote was taken to restrict eating in both GlassWorks areas. Drinking is allowed.
5. We will be scheduling a slip cast event to make forms for the glass dept hopefully in the next 3 weeks.
6. A unanimous vote was taken to purchase a drill press under $ 100.00 and a Dremel drill under 50.00. and a separate order of bits for the Dremel.
7. Recent purchase for the GlassWorks area were announced. New drill press diamond bits, Morton board accessories for glass cutting, new handheld glass cutting tools, and a new microwave for classes.
8. The last balance received form the finance dept about 2 weeks ago was $7000.00
9. The mirrors in the Glassworks cold working area, the small once is to be broken for a GlassWorks Mosaic sign. The other one we are looking into etching or removing some of the silver to make another sign. and ideas and help are welcome.

Thank you,

Anita Willis