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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.

Overview of GlassWorks

Teaching people to work and create art with glass: Lampwork, Glass Fusing, Stained Glass and Mosaics in particular.


The GlassWorks Committee's responsibilities are to:

  • To foster and encourage a love and appreciation of using one's hands to create art.
  • To provide demonstrations on a recurring basis of basic crafting techniques including ... and more.
  • Curate a gallery of makerspace member artworks/creations hung on empty walls and doors throughout the makerspace.


(Please add your Talk username if applicable so people can find you)

  • Pearce Dunlap - @canibalcrab (Chairperson)
  • Anita Willis - @meanbaby
  • Beth Appleton - @dryad2b
  • Dan Henderson @coloneldan
  • Doug Emes
  • Paige Walker
  • Collin Rhoades
  • Kendra Hartingan
  • Matt Earnest - @Matt-E
  • Nicole LeCody
  • Charlie Long
  • Erica Gomez
  • Vincent Craddock

How To Join

  1. Add your name to the "Members" section of this wiki page.



The Talk Forum


  • Anita Willis (Head Instructor - Fusing)
  • Jennifer Goss (Head Instructor - Stained Glass)
  • Beth Appelton (Fusion)

Member Artwork


1. Vincent Craddock (Personal Loan: should this piece be removed, it needs to be returned to him.)

Training and Classes

Microwave Fusing

GlassWorks MicrowaveFusing

Stained Glass

GlassWorks StainedGlass

Fused Glass

Links to Bullseye Videos

Fun with Float -

Bullseye Tip and Tech Sheets


Small Kilns

Other Equipment

Consumables & Consumables Fees

  • Completed pieces that use eligible materials are to be weighed on the scale and cost 10 cents per gram.
  • Sheet glass and large scrap glass in the space is for class use only.
  • Small scrap glass for stained and mosaic use is available for $1 per 10 square inches. Approximate square inches as best as possible.

Where to buy your own

Local glass shops


  • Delphi - general glass tools and supplies
  • Slumpy's - glass fusing supplies
  • Bullseye glass- general glass tools and supplies

Standing Rules & Guidelines

Working on glass projects in the Glassworks space any time is encouraged

  • Close-toed shoes are required in the GlassWorks area.
  • Eye protection (regular glasses or safety glasses) is required in the GlassWorks area when anyone is cutting glass or using any of the power tools.
  • Hand cutting glass is allowed any time
    • There are tools in the cabinet under the microwave as well as in the wooden glass cabinet drawers.
  • The nearest sink has no trap (will in near future) and must not be used for rinsing glass grinders or saws.
    • Rinse any glass in the utility sink near the restrooms of the South end classrooms area or in the warehouse of 102
  • All Glass power equipment is training required
    • Safety classes for this equipment will be posted to the calendar as soon as wet areas are properly set up.
    • The 1 extension cord near the microwaves must be unplugged after it is used (this is true of all extension cords throughout DMS to comply with Fire & Safety codes)
  • Age requirements
    • Kiln operation is 18 years old and above.
    • Minors 16 years old, or older may operate the grinders, saws, sanders, and cut glass only with an adult actively involved with their project, and only after they both have completed the GlassWorks 101 class. A minor may not operate the equipment if the adult is not standing with them supervising while they use the equipment. A distracted parent working on a different project while the minor is working with the equipment or cutting glass is not acceptable.

Committee meetings

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