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Glass Works Committee Meeting 10/27/20


A. Henningson,

J. Henninson,

M. Blatz,

A. Burk,

A. Willis

1.The committee account balance is estimated to be about $6500.

2 We have not purchased a Drill Press yet. M Blastz is going to check if there is a cost effective used ones available. If not James Henningson will purchase a new one at a reasonable cost.

3.Anita will contact Becca and have her inventory her lamping supplies and equipment and see if she is ready to start teaching Lamping classes.

4. James Henningson will inventory DMS Lamping supplies and tools.

5. Once the Lamping items have been inventoried and we see if there is anything that needs to be ordered we would like to Host a Lamping Demo even event.

6 Anita and April will be working together to make a glass etching class video. This will be done using the Silhouette cutter and glass etching cream.

7.James Henningson will be investigating and plan a glass etching demo or class using our new handheld drill.

8.We are sending Big Thank You! to Will Hodge on helping us with a counter weight for the lid of our large kiln. Will is currently out on medical leave we hope to have this completed soon.

Thank you, Anita Willis