GlassWorks 20220504

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Started 7:06

Hannah Vincent Pearce Nicole

1. Want to find someone who knows about running gas lines so we can get a lampwork run completed. Need someone to spearhead this effort and pitch it to the board. Need a gas gauge outside, how much to run, then drop a line for oxygen and propane.

2. Denver Kiln is still pending; probably not going to happen the way originally

3. Pearce is still looking into a waterjet for glassworks.

4. Vincent looking into doing raking with glass in time for Open House (October)

5. Pearce and Vincent will be making a Pegasus for front entrance of DMS.

6. Could do some classes (and potentially Open House Demo) for lampworking. Need to speak with Sean Elwood (retired lampworker).

To Do: Pearce to follow up on waterjet for glassworks

To Do: Still need to look into bar mats for work area. Received link but still waiting to determine if they will be good for the area.

To Do: Post on talk about getting some help on aligning the blade on the Band Saw.

To Do: Vincent to send Pearce list of stuff needed for raking.

To Do: Order one more book organizer for library (Pearce will handle)

Ended: 7:20