GlassWorks 20220105

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1/5/22 @ 7pm

  • Pearce Dunlap
  • Nicole LeCody
  • Charlie

Discussion Topics:

1. Announced we got a 2K donation to Glassworks. No special earmark for it. Plan is to use it on old and wornout tools.

2. Pearce still working on getting wood for the final DMS artpiece.

3. Looking at replacing grinders with newer ones.

4. Get a baking rack, so we can look at storing case by case stained glass pieces that are larger (possibly no more than 2 weeks): homasote boards for checkout more likely option unless board changes policy.

5. Laser committee will give Glassworks a laser to use for scoring glass.

To Do: Find owner, Wayne Ross, of grinder to return when we replace

To Do: follow up on bar matting for floor.

To Do: Charlie and volunteer to create labels for areas. (magnetic labels?)

To Do: cleaning and org day (tentatively Sun Jan 23rd 1-6pm)

To Do: Introduction video for Glassworks.

To Do: Hang whiteboard

Past To Do Completed: 1. Purchased scale 2. whiteboard

Carry Over To Do: 1. Teckta Glass 2. 96 Fusion Glass question

Ended at 7:33 pm