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Glassworks Meeting 10/6/2021 7:00 pm

Pearce Dunlap Nicole LeCody Doug Emes Paige Walker Collin Rhoades Kendra Hartigan Matt Earnest Dan Henderson

Vote to Purchase Kit for Ring Saw $50 - 8 Yay -0 Nay

Key Points of Meeting

-Running gas to lampwork. Need to get more information on running line.

-Need idea for consumables (charging for use of material in glassworks commitee) -Measure by weight (in part or total) -Can look at getting replacement of supplies at -Estate Sales -Donations -Sales/Cheaper product for beginners -Possible pricing for use of 1 single item (like solder, or flux) -Possible Equation for pricing: Sq in, count pieces, scale/multiple

-Possibly teach a class on cutting glass with the laser (Pearce)

-Community Project Idea: Cut the scapes into a certain shape (ex. hexagon) onto a community pieces where you add the piece before you leave. Possibly laser your name on the piece.

-Ideas from Doug: Next 2 months we allow clear glass to be used for free, only pay for other materials; if someone breaks something (their own glass item) perhaps we offer to teach them how to fix it; get info on what the different types of glass are and their pricing, ect.

-Ideas from Dan: break down a class into smaller parts: glass cutting, soldering, foiling, ect.

-Work on getting tools more accessible

To Do: -Work out Pricing 2. Wish List for Tools (Google Doc?) 3. classes 4. Inventory

Wish List: 1. New Tables