GlassWorks Comittee Meeting 20200711

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GlassWorks Committee meeting notes 07/11/2020

Agenda Expiation updated Expansion items we are still waiting on Setting a date for Chair election How Covid 19 effects our dept

This is a Onsite meeting Mask required, 6 ft spacing required

Dial-in: (US) +1 727-324-6917 PIN: 710 782 910#

7/11/20 Committee in attendance

Max Kirkland, Nick Silva, Anita Willis, James Henningson, Anette Henningson, April Burk, Beth Appleton, John Gorman

The GlassWorks Committee would like to send a big thanks to the expansion team on all the hard work. The Vending and electrical look great.

1. The glass committee vote will be held on Saturday 7/25/20 at 4 pm. If you are unable to attend you may email your proxy to Beth Applet ton at [email protected] or put you vote in an envelope signed with you name and email address into the GlassWorks mail slot in the common area.

2.We are experiencing issues with the large kiln, It was firing 106 degrees to hot. The vendor Evenheat stated they have had this issue with thermal couplers in the past. Prior to our kiln going dormant waiting for the electrical install a new thermal coupler was installed. The vendor sent a new one at N/c. Once the new one was installed the kiln did get hot, but the temp was not reading at the panel. We need to contact the vendor again. Rich Meyer thinks the wrong one may have been sent.

3.Due to Covid 19 all classes are on hold

4.We discussed the past set of 4 classes to clear Makers to personally use the kiln. In the last 2 years the class was given to about 9 Makers with the hope they would teach project classes. These 4 separate classes are fuse, slump, glass enamels and float glass, bottles. Followed by a written test and a manual ramp programing of the kiln. Once passed the maker is cleared to make personal project or teach project classes. Class will go up when we are permitted to teach in our space and schedule permitting.

5.Once a Maker is cleared to use the kiln, we had it set they must complete 5 fuse firing, 5 slump firings, and 5 misc firings such as bottles, Dichro projects, or jewelry. Before they can teach the 4-part kiln class. This is to build their skill set. This is separate from the above info. and only pertains to persons wanting to teach kiln classes. We will vote in the August meeting to reduce this to 3 of each type of firing instead of 5.

6.James Henningson requested the sheet metal be picked up for top of the 2 lamping tables in the GlassWorks warehouse area. Anita Willis volunteered to pick this up and will apply for a reimbursement after delivery.