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Glassworks Meeting 8/3/22 7 PM

Pearce Nicole

1. Pearce added monthly meeting to calendar, still 1st Wednesdays at 7 PM through end of year.

2. Glassworks will offer $300 for the 4 lampwork sets and an additional $300 for a second set of 4 lampwork kits. Vote: 2 Yays

3. Offer $600 for smaller kiln that will be usable for smaller (coaster sized) fused glass pieces. Vote:

4. Motion by Pearce to Vote on Tools for Kittrrel Rifkin: Glassworks up to $1200 (see #2& 3 for item breakdown) Seconded by Nicole Vote: 2 affirmative

5. Acknowledge of Vintenct's contribution of rainbow circle piece, it is owned by Vincent and if removed must go back to him. (Nicole will post)

6. Pearce will take logo home to create light box.

Meeting ended at 7:27