GlassWorks 20211110

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7 PM Meeting

  • Kendra Hartigan
  • Pearce Dunlap
  • Nicole LeCody
  • Anita
  • Vincent Cardick
  • Annette

Business Discussed:

1. Add items to Pearce's Shopping List. Send him what we want/need.

2. Purchase half sheet of Teckta glass for Fusion (Anita - 3 to 4 classes worth).

3. Need to build tables.

4. Need to reorganize drawers/shelves.

5. Add bar mats for better flooring.

6. Have Kiosk set up for pricing on glass purchases.

7. Need scale for kiosk.

8. Get whiteboard for list of requests/materials that people can add to in the area.

9. Committee stuff needed to show off what glassworks can do.

10. Zing Laser can be moved to Glassworks; training will be required for use.

11. Pearce will post schedule of work days.

12. Justine got propane oxygen torch working; need better protective eyewear.

Meeting ended at 7:30