GlassWorks 20220601

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Glassworks Meeting 6/1/2022 7:07 Pearce Nicole Vincent

1. Received a loaner set of lampwork stations (4): need to decide if we want to purchase these. Hot head is about 50 (per station).

2. Potential to purchase/replace kiln. Need to find out if what we have is good or if we want to purchase. Might consider reaching out to people with familiarity with the kilns to see what their thoughts are.

3. Moving waterjet for glassworks to Longer Term potential.

4. To Do: Nicole, post question on Talk about help aligning blade in band saw for Glassworks. (Completed 6/1/22)

5. Pearce to reach out to woodshop about finishing logo box.

To Do: 1. Make a decision on lampwork stations

Completed To Do: 1. Pearce ordered additional book organizer

Long Term To Do: 1. Get more classes going 2. Bar Mats 3. Research Waterjet

Meeting is ended at 7:30 PM