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Glassworks Committee Meeting 2/2/2022

Meeting called to order at 7 pm

  • Pearce Dunlap
  • Nicole LeCody

1. Beth brough up concern for locks on the kilns. Idea: Come up with a lockout tag type system, either to show that something is currently in it so people don't open in case something is currently being worked in the kiln.

2. Instead of the baker rack idea for longer term storage, we will instead loan out homasote boards to help with moving larger pieces between home and the space to work out.

To Do: start handing out To Do's in the meetings to help knock out items.

To Do: Unable, to find owner of grinder, Wayne Ross, at this time, may follow up at a later date. For now, it's being kept as a back up; replacements are in place.

To Do: Still need to reach out about about bar mats; Pearce will reach out via Talk to see if someone might have a solution.

To Do: invest in some more hand brooms to help with clean up after working on projects.

To Do: Nicole to pick up push pins for the loaner homasote boards. Deliver before next meeting.

To Do: Purchase some replacement grinder bits

To Do: Nicole to purchase lockout tags (consult with Pearce before purchase).

Possible To Do: 1. Replace Diamond Bandsaw (Talk post to see if someone from machine shop can take a look at it) 2. Ring Saws (it's destroying its own parts) 3. Wire Saw (screw that manages drainage is damaged; need to do a Talk post to see if someone from machine shop can look at it.)

(If not fixable, possibly could be replaced with money from donation.)

Past To Do Completed: 1. Charlie and Matt created magnetic labels for the drawers. 2. Completed cleaning & org day for the space. 3. Pearce set up calendar with meeting days thru July. 4. Hung whiteboard. 5. Teckta glass purchased 6. 96 Fusion glass question answered

Long term project idea: (Previously a To Do, but would be better as a longer term project) Create a introduction video for glassworks.

Long term project: Move laser over and set up for use in cutting glass. Will need a computer set up with it.

Meeting ended at 7:33 pm