GlassWorks 20211019

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Glassworks Meeting 10/19/21 7:00 pm - Chair Vote

Pearce Dunlap Nicole LeCody Beth Appleton Charlie Long Erica Gomez Kendra Hartigan Freddy Calvert

Vote for committee chair

-Pearce Dunlap running, seconded by Beth Appleton - 7 yay - 0 Nay

Topics Discussed:

-Need to more information on fusion/kilns/microwaves; can anyone use it? Perhaps start opening it up for people to use. Set up to Moodle training for them.

-Pearce has set up two upcoming stained glass classes (Oct 20th & Oct 24th)

-Thus far, in Pearce's measurements, foil and flux are costing next to nothing; might be a consumable we just stock; get pricing mainly for the glass/solder.

-Get new tables for Glassworks

-Need to clear out personal storage items from the shelves.

-Organization: need labels on drawers (Magnetic labels? Make re-arranging easier), tape down the floor mats

-Committee Meetings on the 1st Wednesday of the month 7pm, Second Wednesday will be "Office Hours"; open for anyone to come, Pearce will be up here.

-Need someone that can be up here on Sat sometimes to talk about the area for tours.

Meeting End 7:25pm