GlassWorks 20221011

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Meeting 10/11/22 Pearce D. Vincent Nicole L. John F.

Started at 7 pm.

  • No New Business

1. Pearce motions to order a cart for the zing laser so it's portable. (Est. up to 300)

Seconded by Nicole LeCody

Aye - 3 Nay - 0 Abstain - 1

2. To Do: The screen on the large kiln needs to be recapibrated because the touch sensor is off and doesn't select where the finger touches.

3. Completed: Purchased kiln for $600.

4. Completed: Purchased Kittrrel Rifkin tools

5. To Do: Add meeting minutes from 9/7 meeting. (Completed 10/11/22)

6. John (from woodworking) will speak to Ian about some walnut wood for lightbox.

7. Pearce purchased diamond bandsaw (10/11/22)

Motion to close meeting at: 7:42 PM.