Jewelry Committee Meeting 20220913

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Jewelry Committee Meeting 20220913

Jewelry Studio Committee Meeting: Aug 9th, 7 PM CST.

Hosted by: Joseph Lahoud. Via Google Meet


Sue Rodgers



Welcome: Steven!

Volunteer needs: Looking for volunteers to address lighting issue and broken timer plug by benches.

Equipment update: Blue is working! Parts still awaiting order per Kobin. Missing tool bag of pliers

Upcoming classes: Sue has wire wrap class this Thursday and committee pliers are missing.

Need to buy (consumable supplies): 4 sets of pliers (flat nose & half round)

Lapidary SIG update: Moved old equipment out to auction. Looking to get flap lap set up. Steven said to host more lapidary demos to gauge interest in obtaining a faceting machine.

Classes/teachers discussion: Sue would like a hydraulic press. Next casting event will be attempted first week of Nov.

Motioned to adjourn by Joseph @ 7:52 PM seconded by Darren

Next meeting: 10/08/2022 7PM CST Join with Google Meet