Jewelry Committee Meeting 20221213

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Jewelry Committee Meeting 20221213

Jewelry Studio Committee Meeting: Dec. 13th, 7 PM CST.

Hosted by: Joseph Lahoud. Via Google Meet






Welcome/Recognition: Steven thanks for the help working on the TIG cooler

Volunteer needs: reposition hanging lights, hang diamond sign, update Firmware on Mars printer

Upcoming classes: CJ interested in doing a lapidary class. Tumbler in service, thanks CJ!

Need to buy: Investment, resin, poly gloves, bronze. Lapidary sig requesting allocation of $1500 for faceting equipment.

Lapidary SIG update: Slab saw needs a new belt, CJ can source. Tumbler good to go.

Classes/teachers discussion: 3D printer resin safety-wear gloves, eye protection

Safety / Out-of-order issues - Out of order brass hammer. Burnt bench.

Motioned to adjourn by Darren @ 7:48PM, seconded Joseph

Next meeting: 1/10/2023 7PM CST Join with Google Meet