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Makerspace Agenda/Meeting

  • Makerspace intro (5 min)
  • Makerspace business (15 min)
    • hand out flyers to those @ the meeting
    • donations: any amount OK
    • current funds: $3335 of $6000, Mar 31st goal-- -1 DAYS!!
    • current members: 14 (+2)
      • budget, $40/month/member?
      • need more members
      • speak at other group meetings
      • post more flyers
    • past events
      • Mike's Hobby Shop R/C Swap Meet March 27, 10am- "Limited table space on a first come first served basis"
    • upcoming events
      • Oak Cliff Earth Day is Sunday, April 18, 12pm-5pm. Last day for registration is April 5.
      • DFW Dragon Boat Festival May 16. No booth or table available; we will be performing some aerial photography and possibly distributing some fliers
      • National Robotics Week at The Generator in Garland. Will have a table there to hand out flyers and demo robots and other projects.
  • Group introductions (15 min)


  • 20100401
  • 1919 @ company|dallas
  • 1925
  • 1930 Starting
  • 1934 Makerspace items
  • 1934 flyers
    • reminders
  • 1936 15 members, 2 verbal commitments, 17 total.
    • $3585 currently
  • 1938 discussing spaces, what we are looking for, what we'd use it for
    • we wouldn't want to stay there, expect to move out soon.
    • another option is to keep fund raising until we hit the goal to get the large space.
  • 3rd option, something between, hoping to find a medium size space, hold-over space, something
  • that works for now, a compromised solution.
  • "any thoughts about that"
  • 1940 some member suggestions about space
    • eric
      • different groups, some people may think they'll waste their money..
      • defcon, people were doubtful that it would even happen.
    • ed: (1942) find a space that is scalable; thinking about Mike's. If we could get a space with a vacancy next door, we would
      • have a space to grow into if needed.
      • Mike has no space avail right now, also it is north on I-35, north of 635.
    • 1945 Glenn talked to Mike; the dollhouse wallpaper one is 300/mo, sft not known.
    • Steve; deep ellum, huge 3 story building; always space becoming avail; having trouble contacting the owner, also at the S end of 75
      • "The Continental Gin" building
  • 1947 question about DPRG credit; suggestion about buying a building, renting out parts
  • 1949
  • Steve; it would be interesting to find houses; find a big old house that 2 or 3k sft.
  • 1952
  • 1954
  • steve recommends put the decision off for 2 meeting cycles/2 weeks
  • 2001 Ed will set up the phpBB forum
  • 2003 Ed will create a form in the Google Discussion List
  • 2005 on to the discussion about Earth Day in Oak Cliff
    • will have a table
  • 2013
    • vermicompost table MarkH
    • windchimes out of HD platters
  • 2018
    • window gardens
    • box kite(s) made from recycled bags
  • 2039
  • 2133 meeting over, leaving.


break out for discussions (no limit)


Name About
Chuck Graf heard about HS from NTLUG
Brian Merritt DPRG, robotics
Eric Chaney DARPA grand challenge robot, looking for work
Mike Metzger Tech consultant, business process, DEFCON, machine vision pinball, RS232 to bluetooth
Mark Havens Solaris system engineer, Makerbot on the way, dad has lathe cnc equipment, working on autonmous quad copter
Ed Paradis Electronics, radio, Software Engineer, Solar powered fridge
Alyssa Pipe robotics, R2D2, CNC, lasers, plasma, wireless, wifi, arduino, AVR
Peter Smith wiki, HOPE conference,
Steve Rainwater photography, web services, robots, sound powered fridge