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Makerspace Agenda/Meeting

  • Makerspace intro (5 min)
  • Makerspace business (15 min)
    • hand out flyers to those @ the meeting
    • donations: any amount OK
    • current funds: $3335 of $6000, 1st of 2 meetings until decision regarding space/no space.
    • current members: 16 (+2)
      • budget, $40/month/member?
      • need more members
      • speak at other group meetings
      • post more flyers
    • upcoming events
  • Group introductions (15 min)


  • 20100408 1915
  • 1924 Ed starting meeting
    • handed out flyers at bishop arts district
    • talk about the mason's lodge basement
  • 1925
    • question about pricing power upgrade for the basement
    • that would be a good thing to do
    • the good things about it
    • owner is flexible
    • lease rates and sizing
    • external door
    • question about how easy for heavy stuff
    • has an elevator, but no freight door
    • the windows are half-windows about 3 ft X 3 ft
  • 1929
    • the bad
      • some evidence of flooding
      • a little mold
      • owner said he sealed up cracks
      • we think humidity might be an issue
      • far south of where we want to be
      • a few blocks away from arts district
      • we could get in and get out fairly easily
  • 1932
    • getting into contact with some other owners
    • Also, Mike's Hobby Shop
    • DMS budget
      • if every member pays 40/mo, we can start
  • 1939 Ali Emm here
    • Events
    • DPRG National Robotics week
  • 1940
    • OAK Cliff Earth Day
    • DFW Dragon Boat Festival
    • + Wildflower festival coming up
    • NTLUG has a booth at the first saturday sale (ntlug starts at 7 and leave at noon)
  • 1947
    • NTSU in denton is dropping their engineering department ?
    • add Austin LinuxFest, Saturday
  • 1949 end of DMS stuff


break out for discussions (no limit)


Name About
Mike Allbright
Chuck Graf
Eric Chaney DARPA grand challenge robot, looking for work
Mark Havens Solaris system engineer, Makerbot on the way, dad has lathe cnc equipment, working on autonmous quad copter
Brian Merritt DPRG, robotics
Mike Metzger Tech consultant, business process, DEFCON, machine vision pinball, RS232 to bluetooth
Ed Paradis Electronics, radio, Software Engineer, Solar powered fridge
Cathy Pipe
Alyssa Pipe robotics, R2D2, CNC, lasers, plasma, wireless, wifi, arduino, AVR
Jose Quinones
Steve Rainwater photography, web services, robots, sound powered fridge
Peter Smith wiki, HOPE conference,