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Makerspace Agenda/Meeting

  • Makerspace intro (5 min)
    • anyone new, please introduce yourself!
  • Makerspace business (15 min)
    • Earth day recap
    • hand out flyers to those @ the meeting - please pass them out or put them up!
    • budget: no change since last week
      • current funds: $4000 of $6000
      • current members: 17 (+2)
    • dues: sign up on the website for recurring donations
    • What You Can Do:
      • call the owners of buildings you see to find out the monthly rate, lease terms, and square footage!
      • post flyers
      • tell your friends and coworkers
      • drop a note on any relevant mailing lists, forums, or news groups you're on
    • past events
      • Earth Day
      • National Robotics Week
      • I think at this point the fashion will have happened, so we can talk about that too.
    • upcoming events



Microcontrollers and More: A Survey of Boards

Ed and Steve will provide a quick survey of available boards that you can use to develop embedded software for. We'll talk about the pros and cons of several of the boards including:

  • cost - how much are you willing to spend?
    • $10 - kits, super barebone microcontrollers
    • under $50 - microcontrollers
    • under $100 - small arm systems
    • under $200 - things with decent networking capabilities
    • more than $200 - computers
  • size
    • "stamp" sized
    • "name badge" sized
    • "cigar box" sized
  • power requirements
    • USB powered - 2.5 watts
    • netbook - about 10 watts
  • CPU "horsepower"
    • 8 bit or 32 bit
    • microcontroller or minicomputer
  • expandability and/or IO capabilities
    • direct digital IO
    • commodity interfaces: RS232/RS485 serial, USB
    • card slots: PC/104, PCI/104, PCI
  • how easy is it to download programs?
    • commodity stuff - plug in your thumbdrive
    • serial boot loaders
    • JTAG adapters
  • how easy is it to set up a tool chain?
    • out of the box, provided by vendor
    • online (!)
    • the hard way: DIY the whole thing
  • what is the cost of any development tools required?
    • JTAG adapters
    • proprietary compilers
    • proprietary libraries (usually licenses for libraries for some linux boards)
    • free/none required
  • Specific boards to pass around
    • Qwerk
      • hardware details
      • embedded linux system with ethernet, wifi, motor controllers and other IO
      • no longer for sale
    • BeagleBoard
      • hardware details
      • embedded linux system with DVI video and USB
      • available for $150
    • Pololu Orangutan
      • family comparison
      • "larger" of the Atmel Atmega system with LCD and motor controllers
      • $60 - $150 for the better ones, depending on what accessories and pre-assembly
    • Diamond 486 PC/104
      • older PC/104 computer
      • PC/104 description - a form factor for ISA bus computers
      • no longer for sale
      • PCI/104 - a similar idea for PCI systems
    • VEX PIC-based controller
    • standard Arduino
      • a minimalistic Atmel development board with on board bootloader and robust programming libraries and support
      • many choices for variety of prices $10 (kits mostly) to the $65 Arduino Mega
    • NXP mbed
      • ARM cpu with support chip for USB Thumb Drive-style programming
      • optional online compiler and IDE
      • $60 from
      • LPC1768-based
      • LPC2368-based
    • miniITX and nanoITX
    • a host of small embedded wierdo systems that are probably good for a one-off project
      • shiva(?) plug
      • gumstix
      • linksys NSLU
    • a host of repurposed wireless routers
      • forget all of them except the WRT54GL
      • goes for about $70

break out for discussions (no limit)


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