Notes 20110602

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Attendees: Joe Southwell, Philip Wrage, David Owen, William Stewart, David Rostcheck, Steve Rainwater Things to do:

  • Research our connections at UTSW
  • Report back on biocurious (David R will rendezvous w/ Raymond McCauley in Silicon Valley]


  • There is a centrifuge at the Makerspace
  • David Owen has a water bath, old pcr machine, tabletop microcentrifuge
  • Philip make a list of lab equipment that we could use

Discussion of projects:

Other areas of interest:

  • Learn more about Biobricks & BioBrinks foundation
  • 3d printing in biology
  • 3d print some bio proteins

Education projects: open house

First project will be constructing a basic gel electrophoresis rig

Governance issues:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Training classes/formalized tracking
  • Some chemicals should likely be under lock and key (safety cabinet)
  • Best approach: statemetn of broad operating principles, blanket statement in accordance with CDC regulation, that participating members agree with