Questionnaire for Leasing Agents

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When you find a listing of a promising location on Craigslist or by getting a phone number off a poster on the building, you probably don't have enough information for the group to properly consider the space.

We need at least the basic information. The other stuff is nice, and could possible disqualify a space, so please try to get that too.

Basic information you need:

  • The address of the space
  • The size in square feet
  • The asking price per month
  • Lease terms, such as the length of the lease

Secondary information:

  • The number of bathrooms
  • Does it have a pull-up/garage door?
  • Does it have 24 hour access or is it controlled entry?
  • How much of the space is air conditioned?
  • Does it have a sink, kitchen or kitchenette?

Information we'd like to know, but you probably can't find out over the phone.

  • Does it have power for large tools?
  • What sort of internet service does the location have?
  • How many parking spaces does it have?

Talking to Leasing Agents

We've talked to a few, and its very easy to get the "basic" and "secondary" information from them. They'll know it all off the top of their heads, probably. So all you need to do is call them and get the info over the phone. If it sounds like a good place and you have time, try to set up a time to go look at the space.

Inspecting a Space

When you meet the leasing agent at the space, remember to bring a camera and a notepad to jot notes. You don't want to waste their time or yours, so plan about 30 minutes to walk around. We aren't obligated to put any money down just to look at a space, so don't feel bad about remaining noncommittal.

Take pictures of the electrical breakers if you don't know how to read what the specifications are. Taking pictures of the phone point of presence (where the telco lines break out) is also a good idea. Try to take a picture of every room, from the doorways, so that the photo gets the best idea of what the space is like.

If the leasing agent doesn't give you a printout of the floor plan, try to sketch one quickly. Don't bother taking measurements: we don't need them and we can get them from the leasing agent via email (they will have these on record). Just guess on the size of rooms and how they connect. A doorway is about 3 feet across if you're having a hard time estimating distances.

Reporting What You Found

You can type of the information and email it to the mailing list or put it here on the wiki. There are a few space comparison spreadsheets floating around, but unfortunately they are not easy to access. Until the magical best thing in the world shows up, here is Ed's lame stop gap.