Regular Member Meeting 20180713

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This meeting will be held in MIBS SRC3 format.

Time, location

7/13/2018 20:00, Dallas Makerspace

Officer/Committee reports

Committee chairs are requested to provide their reports in writing. Reports can be short bullet-points.



Committee Chairs


Note: The normal cut-off time for agenda items is the Sunday prior at 11:59pm.

Old business

New business

Quorum of Members Discussion (Mike Cole "Draco")

Problem: As the membership grows, it will become more difficult to gain a quorum of members at membership meetings. This is an issue because it does not allow the bylaws to change or be changed. It also limits the checks and balances allowed in the spirit of the current bylaws.

In the past, we have solved this problem by limiting the quorum requirement to a subset of members that have obtained voting rights. As we grow, we have seen a greater number of people signing up to vote for online elections for the board of directors. This is good that there are many willing to vote, however, it limits what can be done in the in-person meetings where we can take other actions such as changing of the bylaws.

As of writing this, there are 266 voting members. To change the bylaws it requires two-thirds of that number or 178 of the voting members present at a meeting.

I want to have a discussion around this topic to find a solution and to allow the power of the membership to come back into alignment with the spirit of the bylaws and Dallas Makerspace.