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The Ruby on Rails Special Interest Group helps members and others to learn full-stack development of apps using hot, high-paying technologies: Ruby (language), Rails (Backend/Database), React (Web Pages), and React Native (App Stores).

I believe that the purpose of life is, at least in part, to be happy. Based on this belief, Ruby is designed to make programming not only easy but also fun. It allows you to concentrate on the creative side of programming, with less stress.
—Yukihiro Matsumoto, Chief Designer, Ruby


  1. Help new programmers get better quickly.
  2. Help existing programmers get better at programming.
  3. Provide a "lurch" forward in your progress.
  4. Show you the way to becoming a Top 1% programmer.
  5. Have you be demonstrably better - from a practical perspective.
  6. Give back to the Ruby community by authoring kata.
  7. Give back to Dallas Makerspace by developing and maintaining applications that support its mission.

We are living in the Golden Age of Learning. Ruby on Rails SIG will not replace existing educational or code practice resources. It will provide structure, goals, and community/mentorship to leverage those readily available resources.

I hope to see Ruby help every programmer in the world to be productive, and to enjoy programming, and to be happy. That is the primary purpose of Ruby language.
—Yukihiro Matsumoto, Chief Designer, Ruby

SIG Action Items

List of Open and Closed Action Items

Initial Prerequisites

Set up accounts

  • Free access with a public library card. If your city doesn't offer access, Grand Prairie & Garland's library systems do not have residency requirements.
  • Free access. Optional Pro-level fee offers a full-stack learning plan.
    • Under Account Settings, in Clan field, type in DallasMakerspace (all one word, no spaces).
    • Free access. Optional Red-level fee gives you access to statistics.
  • Free access.
  • Free access, paid account not required.
  • Amazon Web services

Online Classes


  1. CodeWars-based Hands-on Workshops.
    1. 8-kyu QuickStart. To get the most out of Ruby, you have to memorize the short-cut methods.
    2. Object-Oriented Programming
    3. Homework:
      1. Complete 100 8- or 7- kyu problems (kata). Ruby on Rails SIG has built custom collections of problems grouped by subject and ordered by difficulty/rarity. Search under the Collections tab for "DMSRuby".
      2. Build a training "hit" list of 80 of these problems; drill until you can complete them in an hour.
  2. Rails Workshops
    1. Laptop Configuration: Do not attempt on your own. We have a workshop for this process. Windows set up is particularly tricky.
      1. RubyMine Ruby on Rails IDE
      2. MySQL Workbench
    2. Prerequisite: Ruby on Rails 5 Essential Training (40 hours)
    3. Homework:
      1. Ruby on Rails: Getting More From Active Record
      2. Adding Stripe Payments to Your Ruby on Rails Application
      3. Evernote API
      4. Sendgrid API
      5. Twitter API
  3. React Workshops
    1. Prerequisites:
      1. Introduction to Javascript Hands-on online class.
      2. Learn ReactJS: Part I Hands-on online class.
      3. Learn ReactJS: Part II Hands-on online class.
    2. Homework: TBA
  4. React Native Workshops
  5. Object-Oriented Design Patterns

Study Groups

  • Evening Study Group, Tuesdays & Fridays, 7p - 10p. Meets in Common Room.


  1. Dallas Makerspace Members
    1. Kirk Keeter (Instructor)
    2. Stephenie Webb (Student: working through "Ruby on Rails 5 Essential Training")
    3. Paul Traue (Student: Working through "Understanding ECMAScript 6" book)
    4. Chrissy H (Student/CodeWars Addict: Working through "Ruby on Rails 5 Essential Training" and starting Personal Project)
    5. john a. gorman (student)
  2. Non-DMS Members (Classes are open to the public.)
    1. John D. (Making Model Relationships for Personal Project)
    2. Aaron Kelton (status: generating seed data and Rails templates)
    3. Alp Deveci (status: finished Rails and React prerequisites; working on personal project data model)
    4. Elven Banzon (Student: Working on frontend of "Ruby on Rails 5 Essential Training" project)
    5. Julie Goode (finishing pre-reqs for Spring session)

How To Join

You want to enjoy life, don't you? If you get your job done quickly and your job is fun, that's good isn't it? That's the purpose of life, partly. Your life is better.
—Yukihiro Matsumoto, Chief Designer, Ruby
  • Wiki: Help Kirk track your progress. If you are an instructor, current student, or alumni - and a DMS Member - add your name to the "Participants" section of this wiki page. Not a DMS Member? Ask any DMS Member to add your name or update your status. If you are concerned about privacy, feel free to use first name-&-last initial.
  • Classes: Complete the initial prerequisites. Register for the next Ruby track of workshops on the DMS Events Calendar.


Additional Resources