Virtual Reality Headset Donation Campaign

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What is this?

The digital media committee is collecting donations for an HTC Vive virtual reality headset. Our intentions are to expand the tool-age and capabilities of the digital media committee by providing hands on exposure to virtual reality as well as establishing a community test-bed for virtual reality software development at the space. Benefits for the Vive include, increased interest in the space.

What is a Vive? What is Virtual reality?

The HTC vive is a virtual reality headset. If you're not familiar with virtual reality or virtual reality headsets, the following videos sufficiently illustrate what they are like.



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How will the Headset be utilized and how will I be able to access it?

The vive is an expensive piece of equipment and may be easier to break than most of the other equipment at the space. The current measures proposed to manage risks (like damage or theft) run along the lines of controlling the access to the Vive. As it is currently planned, members will be able to access the Vive twice a week during planned events. A developer event and a demo event.

Demo Event | A demo event is an event where members will be given free range to try out or play around with the Vive. It is a sanctioned time to discover, explore, and evaluate virtual reality. It has been suggested that the best night to do something like this would be open nights on Thursdays. The prospect of access to VR could draw in a lot of visitors to the space.

Developer Event | A developer event is an event where members who "Make" for the Vive are given access to debug and test their projects. This could be anything from testing and debugging that game that you're developing, to rendering and interacting with CAD drawings in a virtual environment.

Funding Strategy

Goal: $850

Deadline: Thanksgiving Milestones:

$400 -> We approach the board and ask for an additional funding.

$850 -> We purchase the Vive

$900 -> We purchase accessories.

Funding Edge Cases

- More money is raised than is needed to buy the Vive -> Donate difference to digital media committee.

- Not enough money donated by deadline -> Depending on how much funds are raised, ask for Digital media to top off . Otherwise... Donate contributions to the digital media committee.